As you are probably aware, Travis had planned to take-off in early June, this looked unlikely fairly early on so we started looking at a plan B. Our plan B was to leave in July/August with the potential of flying back via Azores, if it became too late to fly across Greenland. This plan was not ideal as it would have put pressure on Travis and he would have missed the all-important Oshkosh Air Show (if it is going ahead).

Travis and his team have had numerous online meetings with the overflight management teams (GASE in the UK and MAK in Russia), as well as their sponsors and it has been decided that, with the state of the world at the moment and the weather window closing at the end of August, Travis would not take of this year.

We have looked at windows of opportunities for next year, that would still allow Travis to fly around the world and break the world record. FYI, Travis has to return by mid-July 2021 to beat the world record. This gives him a big window of opportunity but the sooner he leaves the better. The only real down side (all-be-it a small one) is that Travis will be 18 and not 17 when he beats the world record. A little disappointing but in the whole scheme of things, not really an issue at all.

After discussed all the variables with the main sponsors, the decision has been made for Travis to take-off in March 2021, although not our original plan, this take-off date gives Travis and all his sponsors a lot of positive benefits.

Travis will take off in late March and fly down to Africa (Algiers and/or Tunis) and then fly back up to Germany for Aero Friedrichshafen on Aril 14th to 17th 2021. Aero Friedrichshafen is the biggest air show in Europe and would be a great place to show off all the companies involved in the kitting out and building of Travis’ aircraft and give talks on stands on forums. In many respects, he would be starting his around the world flight from Europe’s biggest air show.

Another benefit from this later date is Travis’ route has also been change, mainly in regards to South America. It is now Travis’ intention to fly down to Ecuador, to cross the equator and add another continent to his tally. This will make Travis’ journey that much more interesting and news worthy; thereby giving our sponsors that extra bit more profile, while Travis’ podcasts and blogs will also be that much better.

Travis is always thinking positive and he has now looking forward to the new plans, once this awful virus is dealt with.

On behalf of Travis and his team we would like to take this opportunity to wish you well during this difficult time. Please, keep your distance and stay as safe as you can possibly be.