VIP Friendship Club

Welcome to the VIP Friendship Club page. This club is for Friends, Family and individuals or small businesses who want to support Travis in a smaller way than a sponsor.

We hope that this will give everyone, that wants to help Travis, the ability to do so and get something in return.

The special Friendship Club will allow the members unprecedented access to Travis, his videos and world tracking information plus much, much more… see what you get for your donations and see what works for you. We hope there is something for everyone.

Membership Benefits

  • ATWSolo Friendship Certificate
  • 10% coupon discounts from many of Travis's sponsors - worth over £100
  • Free T-Shirt and other merchandise
  • Two post cards sent to you from two locations during his travels
  • Your name on the website. If you are a business, your business name and a link to your business website.
  • Advanced live tracking of all of Travis’s flights on your PC or Phone, with detailed information on location, altitude and airspeed – it will be like you are flying with him.
  • Invitation to the "WELCOME HOME PARTY"
  • Free access to the "members only" video and photo content, shot by Travis during his around the world flight. At least 10 minutes of footage will be shot for the Worlds Media every day, you will be able to view this material from the members only hub.
  • Flight with Travis (this pledge will be given in the form of a coupon, which will be valid for the duration of your membership)*Conditions apply
  • Text message connectivity with Travis, during his journey around the world – you will be able to message Travis, anywhere in the world.
  • Take part in a weekly Zoom call/Meeting with Travis, every week during his around the world flight.
  • One-On-One Interview/Phone Call with Travis
  • Your name on the wing of Travis’ plane – he wants to see who has helped him, when he looks out of the window.


BRONZE Members will enjoy the following benefits


SILVER Members will enjoy the following benefits


GOLD Members will enjoy the following benefits


PLATINUM Members will enjoy the following benefits

Remember a minimum of 10% goes to Unicef