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Note: Once fully funded for my journey, 100% of all donations go to UNICEF


"I could not fulfill my dream without the support and generosity of all these wonderful people"

-Travis Ludlow

Richard Freeman

Richard Bell

David Dacres

Andrew & Hellen Nelson

Brandon Wheal

Nigel Batting

Grant & Jolandi Hester

Phil & Charlie Crosby

Tony & Teasy Blake

Ken & Judy Ludlow

Hugh Fairs

Sharif Mohammed

Terry Parker

Bill & Jo Graves

Alex Metcalfe

Liam McCarthy

Ahmed Sherif

Jessica North

Natascha McQueen

Simon Taylor

Ross Boyd

Warren Taggart

Patrick McGill

Peter Rossiter

Liz Sintay/Keenan

Billy Wright

Darren Cox

John Roddy

Rob Feltwell

Pilots, around the world experts and industry personnel

“I get such a boost every time someone step forward to offer their expertise and support, thank you all so much”  -Travis Ludlow

Nick Clark Design

Nick Tidy

David Collings

Manuel Queiroz

Michael Smith

John Koehler

LAA/Steve Slater

Sam Kid

Tailwind Group

Prime Television

The Go Fund Me Team

Vicky Gould/Aeros Flight Training

7E Communications Ltd

G.A.S.E./Eddie Gold

Dennis Buzzell and everyone at David Clark Aviation Headsets

The Royal Aero Club Trust2

 CarolAnn Garratt

Adrian Eichhorn

John Bone

Peter Wilson

Mason Andrews


 Ruben Dias

Mischa Gelb

Norman Surplus

Juan-Peter Schulze

James Ketchel