15 Feburary 2020


PLANE ‘UPDATE’ and ‘WANTED’. The deal on my plane was finally done on Thursday (my birthday). I was supposed to fly it up to Tattenhill Airfield, after picking up my licence but the weather made that impossible. A friend is now taking it up as soon as storm Dennis has passed over.
Tattenhill Aviation will be doing the refit of the new Bendix King avionics, engine and cameras; while Coopers Cabin Craft refit the interior. It will the go to Airtime Paints in Bournemouth to be striped and repainted. All this will take time, so apart from the flight to Bournemouth, I probably won’t get to fly it for at least two months.
I am now looking for a very cheap PA-28 I can hour build on, from when I get back from Phoenix. If anyone can help or you know of one that might be available, please contact me.