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ACR RESQLINK 400 is essential for assuring rescue can quickly locate your life raft. Broadcasts my GPS location to satellites via 406MHz


ACK Avionics E-04 Emergency Location Transmitter. Another transmitter, fixed in the aircraft, also broadcasting on my GPS location to satellites via 406MHz, should something go wrong.


Spidertracks Spider X fits neatly in my aircraft and provides real-time aircraft monitoring/tracking and two way communications. My support team at home will always be able to monitor my flights.


The ICOM IC–A25NE Pro Pack VHF Airband Handheld is a great radio and will come in handy as a backup in the plane as well as in the dry bag if I have to ditch


The Iridium Extreme is a compact, light, and easy to use satellite phone. Using the iridium satellites network it is the only truly global network. This rugged phone could be my lifeline communication device, wherever I am. I will have two phones, one on me at all times, the other in my Dry bag.


This small but powerful unit fits easily in my plane and will transform my mobile phone to allow text and calls from anywhere in the world.


A portable global satellite internet hotspot. Basically a portable a WiFi Hotspot with 100% global coverage for phone and internet.



SEMS Aerosafe with Spray Hood. This must be worn during flight over water. Set to manual mode so that it cannot inflate inside the airplane when water is coming in.


Aero Compact 2 Man Liferaft with Canopy. Survivability in cold water is very limited as shown here. A dry suit helps greatly but given that rescue could take a very long time to arrive, being out of the water and dry while waiting is essential.


My 1000 Series Aircrew Suite from Survitec Lifesaving Solutionsusses technology developed by NASA. With average water temperatures around the North Atlantic is 4 or 5°C in July, any exposure to the water will be very hard on my body. A survival suits (aka dry suits) are required to be worn during the flight.


This on-board first aid kit will be kept on the aircraft, with easy access. An additional first aid kit will be kept in by dry/Ditch Bag


This bag will be packed with survival gear needed in the event of any sort of ditching. This will including; Protein bars, mixed nuts, and water; flare pack, Satellite phone, PLB, handheld radio, lighters, survival rations, first aid kit and Pilot knife… OTHER ITEMS



My diesel engine plane can fly on pretty much anything, in case I need to go find some fuel, I will carry a drum pump. This is a siphon pump which requires that the container to be filled is lower than the source container. I can use it to fill the 5 gallon gas cans and use them to transfer fuel to the plane