The current youngest person to fly solo around the world record is 18: 163 year(s):day(s). Flying around the world solo, in a single engined aircraft is not an easy task and requires extensive preparation, planning and training. Here is a little explanation of what is required to qualify for the World Record. What is considered global circumnavigation? Crossing all meridians is not considered global circumnavigation. If you walk completely around either Pole, you have crossed all meridians, but this is not generally considered a circumnavigation. Flying round in a circle over the North Pole does not constitute a flight around the world. The flight must be made between the 2 Polar Circles (66.5° N and S 66.5° S). A basic definition is a route which covers at least one great circle, and it passes through at least one pair of points of antipodal to each other. What are requirements for circumnavigation by airplane? The flight route must be at least 22,858.729 miles (36,787.559 kilometers) long. This is the length of Tropic of Cancer. The flight route must be between the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Flights can originate in any country, but must terminate at the same point of departure. All meridians should be crossed in a forward motion to close the circle. The pilot needs to have been on board for the entire circumnavigation. The same aircraft has to be used for the totality of the flight. All the legs of the flight around the World have to be flown. The light aircraft cut-off limit of 15,500 lbs/7,000 kg maximum.