GOLD Members will enjoy all the following benefits:

  • You get text message connectivity with Travis, during his journey around the world – you will be able to message Travis, anywhere in the world.
  • You get a flight with Travis (this pledge will be given in the form of a coupon, which will be valid for the duration of your membership)* Conditions apply
  • You get free access to the ‘members only’ video and photo content, shot by Travis during his around the world flight. At least 10 minutes of footage will be shot for the Worlds Media every day, you will be able to view this material from the members only hub.
  • You will get advanced live tracking of all of Travis’s flights on your PC or Phone, with detailed information on location, altitude and airspeed – it will be like you are flying with him.
  • You get your name on the website. If you are a business, your business name and a link to your business website.
  • You will get a post card sent to you from every continent Travis visits (4 postcards)
  • You get a free T-Shirt and other merchandise
  • You get an invitation to the ‘WELCOME HOME PARTY’
  • You get 10% coupon discounts from many of Travis’s sponsors
  • You get a ATWSolo Friendship Certificate

For all the benefits of the GOLD Membership we ask for a donation of £500 ($700/€580)

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